Firefox for Mac

Firefox for Mac, the popular web browser developed and published under Mozilla, is making a comeback with its newest version that runs on many operating systems like Windows and Mac – yes, although this web browser was one of the earliest browsers available, newer web browsers like the Google Chrome have taken the limelight and pushed this dear old Firefox out into the shadows. However, Firefox is now gaining massive popularity because of the many new (or rather upgraded) features that the web browser boasts of.

firefox for mac

Web Browsing Security at Its Finest

One of the things that Mozilla is very proud of when it comes to Firefox is the new security features which they claim (on their website) to be even way safer and more secured than Google Chrome as it minimizes the number of pop-ups and enhances your privacy settings. Now, we all know how big Google is, and a claim of such magnitude surely needs to backed up by evidence – and true enough, the web browser integrates highly secures HTTPS connection at default whenever you do searches. This, plus the updated site identity indicator (which appears in the web browsers URL bar) may just be the most secured web browser to date.

It’s All about Speed

fast firefox browser

Nobody likes a web browser that is too slow to load – it is annoying and wastes a lot of time – seriously. Well, according to Mozilla, we can all say goodbye to that problem because the new FireFox is as fast as it gets – boasting that it is faster than the other web browser Safari. Of course, this claim has got to have some evidence to prove this, and sure enough, the new FireFox web browser was able to load even the most high def image laden website easily and pretty quickly. Well, there are still some issues and doubts (after all the connection speed must be taken into account as well) but when compared to the other web browser, Firefox was indeed the quicker one.

A Good Choice for Macs?

firefox for mac

Hmm, now this is where it gets tricky. There have been some complaints that Firefox for Mac doesn’t run as smoothly as many Mac users expect it to. You see, this web browser uses a pretty huge chunk of your Mac’s RAM whenever you watch YouTube videos, or any video that requires a flash player for that matter – perhaps because of the additional plug-ins required in order to play such videos. Now this may seem normal but it shouldn’t be – especially when it causes your Mac Screen to freeze for a few seconds (or a few minutes as some complaints claim). Now, Firefox of course deserves the benefit of the doubt here because you can’t put the blame on the web browser itself they say, as this freeze may also be influenced by other things like hardware (how old your computer and its components are) and software issues (if you’re running multiple windows, apps or programs).

So Should I get It?

Firefox best browser

Despite the freezing part, Firefox seems to be a pretty good choice when you are looking for a web browser to install in your Mac. It features a highly safe and secured browsing experience which lets you browse with peace of mind and without having to worry about hackers and miscreants sniping your passwords and account details (of course, a little added protection and applying common sense on your part is still required). In addition, it promises a faster browsing experience, which is something all internet users long for. All in all, yes, installing FireFox for Macbook or Firefox for Macbook Air is a pretty good idea, whether you’re looking for a new web browser or an alternative to Google Chrome.